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facility xrayOur mission is to provide clinically superior products for the patient which offer reduced financial risk to the physician and healthcare facility

Several key provisions of the Affordable Care Act are a target of our surgical product portfolio:

  1. Hospital readmissions reduction program: To decrease Medicare hospital costs, excessive 30‐day readmissions of certain patients will mean lower payment rates.
  1. Hospitalacquired conditions: Facilities will be prohibited from receiving additional Medicare payment for treating certain hospital‐acquired conditions.
  1. Hospital Acquired Infections:  In 2015, hospitals will face an additional 1% reduction in Medicare reimbursement payments if they fall into the top 25% of national risk-adjusted Hospital Acquired Conditions rates for all hospitals in the previous year

surgeonWound Closure

  • Dynamic Wound Closure
  • Retraction Prevention
  • Tissue Support & Expansion
  • Pre-Surgical Stretch
  • High Tension Closure Support

Pain Management

The NeuroStim System (NSS) is a peripheral nerve stimulator approved for treating acute and chronic pain. The NeuroStim System provides a NON-NARCOTIC and MINIMALLY invasive approach to treating chronic and acute pain.

Surgical Instrumentation

Stealth Surgical, LLC provides the highest-quality and broadest line of German surgical instruments across the Neurosurgical and Orthopedic Spine specialties. Representing the most complete and thorough line of neurosurgical and orthopedic spine instruments in the world. The company founders have over 75 years of experience in the surgical instrument industry and are committed to providing the highest-quality surgical instrumentation, competitive pricing and the most responsive customer service available.

Wound Care

  • CurX™ Antimicrobial Gel: A time-release, non-irritating5, antimicrobial suspension formula proven to be effective against such lethal pathogens as MRSA1on contact, as well as over time periods 7 days and above2.
  • The FiltreX™ family of wound dressings: A multilayered, highly tear-resistant filtration dressing that is bi-directionally impenetrable to fluid and organisms as small as 0.1 microns in diameter4. Lasts up to one week between changes.