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BioMedical Solutions offers a platform for Providers and Independent Sales Organizations.

Our mission is simple; to investigate, implement and manage those distinctive, yet potent services and respective income streams that will monetize the non-hospital owned practitioner space.

With the incessant chaos and uncertainly of our shift to the new US healthcare ‘normal’; domestic, privatized healthcare delivery, BioMedical strives to;

  1. shorten the breach between provider and patient,
  2. add breadth and legitimacy to the medical sales industry,
  3. foster the adoption of accessible, ethical income sustainability within multi-disciplinary physician professions.

facility receptionOur Program offers some or all of the following;

  • Highly reimbursable Ancillary Services
  • Provider Equity execution for Medicine Management
  • Physical Therapy/Rehab practice implementation
  • MSO structure and membership assistance
  • Practice enhancement and commercial payer contract consultation
  • Regenerative Medicine